Kellie Everton is a Derby-based, Conceptual artist known for her documentation of seemingly historical artefacts. While Everton’s work features a photographic element she would foremost promote herself as a sculptor, Using various forms of foam to sculpt mundane objects that once digitally manipulated appear monumental. These staged realities contain references that are familiar not just to individual memory but also to collectively experienced events or moments that loiter in the public consciousness. By displaying fragmented documentation the spectator is offered an open-ended narrative.
Everton’s work is often inspired by the Ruin and the Untold narrative which surrounds historical events. In Jan 2020 this intrigue prompted a site visit to The Chornobyl exclusion zone, Ukraine. Meeting locals, sharing stories and seeing first-hand the affected area was the incitement needed to push the boundaries of her working practice with enough material to keep producing, thought-provoking sculptures for some time.
Artists that have been of inspiration to Everton's practice are Valerie Heggarty, Claire Baker, Thomas Demand and Letha Wilson to name a few.
While completing a (BA)Fine Arts Degree at the University of Derby, Everton has taken part in various group and solo exhibitions and published in A.R.T Magazine (Issue 2, April), Curating Futures online magazine (1st publication) along with  Curating Futures Virtual exhibition.
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